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Center fee 0
Bank commission 0
Exchange rate WMZ 0
Webmoney amount which should be on the account 0 WMZ
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Bank commission 0
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* The calculation does not take into consideration the commission, which may be deducted by a banks correspondent. Transfer of funds occurs on the actually received amount. Sending funds to a bank account does not include bank's correspondent charges.

Security policy

NokPay presents the highest possible safety requirements for all operations. To ensure our customers with the highest possible security we use the best technology of data protection for today.

1. Reliable encryption of all incoming information from client to server and back.

SSL protocol provides a reliable communication channel between the server on which the site hosts and the user's browser. All information submitted through this channel, securely encrypted. This provides our customers with complete privacy and confidentiality. The information can not be intercepted or modified by third parties.

2. Complete confidentiality of the information you enter.

We care about the privacy of our customers, and never share their personal information with third parties. We guarantee that we do not send promotional offers or newsletters. All data on payment transactions and accounts of the users can not be disclosed and can only be issued to authorized by the government or the administration of the payment systems upon a reasonable request.

3. Protecting users from typing errors.

All data which you enter during first operation is stored in a cookie in the browser of your computer, so you do not need to enter each time the purse number and e-mail. It serves as an additional guarantee that you will not make a mistake when re-entering the data, and will protect from the wasting time.

4. Protection against fraud.

The anonymity of the Internet and the ease of use of electronic payment systems is attracting a huge number of scams. The service administration NokPay wants to remind you again some safety rules to protect from illegal actions of fraudsters:

4.1. We never require from you passwords to electronic wallets or personal account. If you receive such a request - it is a scam.

4.2. If you have received a letter with a request to sell or buy the currency in private at reduced rates or with deferred payment - it is a scam. We never work without going through the official website of our company.

4.3. We never send you by mail documents in the format of Word, Excel, or other files, which can contain viruses, trojans, or spyware. In any case, having received a suspicious letter from the site administration, please contact us at форме обратной связи, to clarify who was the sender.