Webmoney fee 0 WMZ
Center fee 0
Bank commission 0
Exchange rate WMZ 0
Webmoney amount which should be on the account 0 WMZ
Center fee 0
Bank commission 0
Exchange rate WMZ 0
* The calculation does not take into consideration the commission, which may be deducted by a banks correspondent. Transfer of funds occurs on the actually received amount. Sending funds to a bank account does not include bank's correspondent charges.

Question- Answer

How to exchange currency at your service?

To exchange currency in a Webmoney NokPay service center, you need to apply for an exchange by selecting the desired direction of exchange and follow our step by step online form. All exchange operations are carried out automatically immediately. Working with us, you can not worry that you will be deceived. Reliability and stability of cooperation - our main credo.

How a currency exchange is made?

First, select from the list a currency which you are going to exchange and the one you want to receive. In this case you will see the current rate and amount available to exchange (reserve of the exchange office). Then enter the amount you want to send or receive - the second amount will be counted automatically. You also need to enter the relevant details (purse numbers, account number, e-mail, etc.). Be especially attentive during filling the details! Once you confirm the transaction, the exchange will be made in a few seconds.

How to continue the work with an application, if I accidentally closed the browser window?

Once you have made a request to perform the exchange operation, the system automatically sent a letter to your e-mail address, which contains a link to continue the work with the application. Use this link to continue. Caution! When making the application be sure to specify the active e-mail address to which you have access. Otherwise, you may lose the ability to manage the application.

What is the term of the request?

The term of request on instant Webmoney exchange ends in 30 minutes. If the transfer of funds on the application for purchase of foreign currency received after the expiry date, the amount of the currency you bought will be converted according to the Webmoney NokPay service Center exchange rate on the date of receipt of funds at our account.

Do I lose the money if I cancel a request after the payment is already made?

You can cancel a request if the ordered amount has not been paid yet. If you have already paid a request, your money after canceling the application will go back to you with a deduction of commission of the payment system.

How can I purchase electronic money using a bank?

Make a request for purchasing a desired amount in the relevant section ("Buy"). Enter your details in all the fields (name, № account, etc.). When you will make the payment (as per instructions), and money will come to our bank account, the ordered currency will be transferred to your wallet within a few minutes.

How can I sell e-money to you?

Submit a request in the relevant section on the website ("Sell"), complete a request using your bank account and other data, and then pay the request through the merchant interface. Once the e-money will arrive to us, our software will process your request within a few minutes and you'll see (via online banking) the money in your bank account.

After the transfer of funds manually to your wallet to pay for the request I have not received the payment. Why is that?

Caution! Never transfer funds directly to our wallets. In this case the system does not recognize your payment, the money will not be accepted and the transaction will remain unpaid. To find such transfers in future may take a long time. After registration a request for an exchange pay only in automatic mode via the website.

I bought WMZ or WMR, but I was told that I did not authorize the sender, what should I do?

This means that we can not transfer the title signs ordered by you to your wallet, since the system gives us the message "You are not authorized by the correspondent to perform this operation." Please authorize our WMID (it is listed in the column on the right of the site) to perform the transfer to your wallet. To do this, you need to add our WMID to your contact list and verify that you have allowed to accept transfers from our WMID. How to do this, you can read the instructions by the link for Keeper standart: How to add new contacts and send messages in WM Keeper Standard

Also you can allow translations to you from all senders, not just those who were previously added to the list of allowed. How to do this, you can read the instructions by the link for Keeper winpro: Settings WM Keeper WinPro

Tab "Restrictions" - check the box "Allow to accept from unauthorized correspondence".

After you allow to make a transfer in the the settings of your webmoney purse, please write us and we will transfer the WMR ordered by you.

What guarantees can you provide?

Our main guarantee today is our own daily work over the last several years, and the grateful customer reviews. We really value our reputation. Also one of the guarantees is the Merchant passport of official WebMoney Transfer service connected with the WebMoney Merchant. Our passport details and other information about us is available in the WMT

Is it possible to receive a certificate by a citizen of another country?

Yes, of course.

What certificate is better - personal or initial?

All depends on the purpose for which you plan to use an obtained certificate. But, of course, a personal certificate, has more advantages than the initial one.

It gives a greater degree of confidence on the part of other participants in the system. It provides access to all the services of the system, including automates receiving funds from partners using the service Merchant WebMoney interfaces, create credit wallets and partisipate in a Credit Exchange, allows you to participate in the arbitration service, and many other services that are not available for the initial certificate holders. It gives the possibility of cooperation with WebMoney system within the operating system services that allows you to earn money on a partnership.

How long does the procedure of issuing initial or personal certificate lasts?

Meeting at the office of the Registrar lasts maximum of 10-15 minutes. This is a short interview and filling out the application. Then the the registrar will validate the information specified by you in written and electronic applications. If everything is correct, if there will be no claims - a certificate will be issued.

Do you issue certificates on notarized documents?

We do not issue certificates of notarized documents. Needed a personal meeting the applicant for a certificate and the registrar.

How to get a certificate of the seller?

You must be the owner of the personal certificate, and also have a website on which you'll automatically accept WebMoney via the Merchant interface. Merchant certificate is issued automatically and free of charge.

Algorithm for obtaining the Merchant certificate as follows:

  1. Getting a personal certificate.
  2. Make a request for the registration of your site in the Megastock catalog. To do this, go to to "add a resource" and follow the instructions. If you are going to receive certificate of seller but for some reason do not want to publish your site to MegaStock, the application will still need to submit (during the time of registration you will be able to ban it).
  3. Wait for the processing of your application by the moderator. About a result of processing you will be notified by e-mail and internal WMKeeper-mail. Merchant certificate is a form of a personal certificate and has all of its features without restrictions.

Can I get a personal certificate at once, passing an initial?

Yes, you can.

Can a minor applicant get a certificate?

If the applicant a certificate which has not reached eighteen years of age (the age of majority), but he has a passport, he can get a certificate. However, there is one condition - the interview with the registrar with the applicant should be with one of the parents, who must sign a statement that he has no objections to the actions of the child.

Can I pay for a certificate other way, not in the WM?

There is an automatic procedure for payment applications for certification directly with the Z-purse of the applicant in the Z-purse Verification Center in the WebMoney system, so pay for it in any other way is impossible. But there is a solution: as a rule, you can fill up your Z-purse purchasing the necessary amount of WMZ at a chosen registrar.

My wallet is blocked, how can I pay an application for a certificate?

Caution! Write a a request to the Tribunal to unblock your certificate for the payment. Your wallets will be unblocked and you will have an opportunity to make outgoing transaction to pay for the certificate.

Why do I need the key file with the code to access it?

If you are

  1. Change the computer, or want to log in from another computer.
  2. Reinstall Windows.
  3. Change the computer's technical specifications (add, remove any device from it).

In these cases, you will need a key file and access code to them. By the way, the circumstances listed may occur besides your will.

How can we ensure receiving WM on the site?

There are two basic solutions offered for the owners of online stores and any payable services - payment through the service "Merchant" or organization XML interface on the site. Service "Merchant" is designed only for receiving payments. If you intend to work within the browser scripts to issue invoices for customers, transfer their funds, etc. there should be connected XML interfaces. In any case, the automation of these processes means that you have the personal certificate. You can test the interface "Merchant", which does not require certification and designed for configuring and script debugging. To convert the "Merchant" in the operating mode, it is enough to sign in the electronic form "The Agreement with the owner of Merchant certificate."

For the automatic interface connecting having a personal certificate, you should select the required interface and contact by internal mail the technical support (WMID941977853154) on their connection. The application should contain:

  1. The interface numbers.
  2. URL, where they will be used, IP addresses.
  3. Present at this URL the site model which functional orientation requires the work of the specified interface.